Thursday, February 3, 2011

yes, i did just speak english.

We went grocery shopping the other day and the checkout experience was very interesting. The lady working swiped all of our items like she was racing or something! She would swipe three things a time and just push them to the end of the small counter where we were tossing everything in the our cart because we didn't have time to put them into bags as she was already moving on to the next customer. It took only about one minute for her to scan all of our stuff and take my money but it took like 5 minutes for us to put it in the bags that we brought. When she handed me my change I said 'thank you' and everyone around immediately looked at me like they had never heard English before. I thought I did something wrong with the way they were all looking at me. Another time I was ordering food and did an awful job pronouncing something in Dutch. The man taking my order politely corrected me while the guy behind me let out a little giggle. Oh well, guess i'll just have to work on my Dutch.

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