Friday, February 4, 2011

quattro mori

For dinner two nights ago we ventured all the way across the street to the Italian restaurant called Quattro Mori. We see this restaurant everyday as we look out our windows or walk past it on our way to the other side of the bridge. Not only can we see straight into the restaurant and watch the many people come in and out and even see what they are eating for dinner, but they can also see us. The men that work there can stand in the middle of the restaurant so that we can see everything except for their heads and even though we can't see their heads they can still see straight into our apartment. It's a little freaky. Fran's uncle left us a gift certificate to eat there and while we were waiting to leave and get a little hungrier I looked up what quattro mori meant in Italian. I plugged it into a translator and out came "four died." Kinda freaky. Well, when we were finally hungry enough we walked down our stairs and crossed the street to enter this mysterious Italian restaurant. They probably knew we were coming because we just kept looking over and they most likely saw us put our coats on and turn the lights off. We sat at a table right by the window so we could see our apartment perfectly. After our waiter, who we recognized from our occasional stalking, took our order we asked him what quattro mori meant. He did his best to explain it and even brought us a book about it...but he was very difficult to understand and the book was in Italian. But he told us that we could just look it up on wikipedia. We did figure out though that it is a story about four men from a small italian island that died... As our food was being made the cooks and waiters were hanging out in the kitchen, which we could very easily see, and singing in Italian. I felt like we were in a movie or that one scene in Lady and the Tramp where they eat spaghetti. Our dinner was very good and very Italian and I'm sure that after we exchanged our "ciao's" they watched as we made it back to our apartment. It was an interesting evening and made us even more excited for our trip to Italy!

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