Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i thought this was the ladies' room?

As soon I got through customs and while we were waiting to claim our luggage I went to the restroom. I had a hard time differentiating between the girl and boy sign...it looked very different from the men and women signs in the states. I walked into what I was pretty sure was the women's restroom and before I could enter a little man jumped in front of me and excused himself as he cut me off going into the bathroom. I was very confused because I saw multiple girls in front of the mirror and they had no problem with the little man wandering into the ladies' room. And the confusion must have been very evident on my face because the little man smiled at me and said it was okay. I was not only confused because he was in there, but the bathroom was also very dark except for blue light coming out of three little doors, which looked liked separate rooms, and on the toilets there were big button looking things. These were the stalls and button things are used to flush, I eventually figured out. I was about to walk in to an empty one when, once again, the little man beat me in and told me that I couldn't come in. I then realized that he was cleaning the bathroom. Now this all happened within one minute and right after I escaped the traumatizing customs man and it was 3 am U.S. time, 9 am their time and I just really needed to use the bathroom. I hope that I don't run into any more little men in the bathrooms although now I might be a little more understanding and less confused.


  1. HAHA oh my gosh! thats crazy!!

  2. HAHAHA I love it!!! I miss you and I hope you have lots of crazy stories to tell because i'll be following them!!!!

  3. miss you too!! and love you! thanks for following :)