Thursday, May 5, 2011

royal matrimony

So, I really did have good intentions with this blog and trying to update a lot. But that has been more difficult than I thought. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so incase I don't have time to write about the wedding, here are some snapshots!

Harry and Will! 
The Queen!

Kate and her dad!

the newly wed couple 

and their fairytale carriage

the queen and prince philip


  1. Did you camp out in that spot for days?!?! I am so jealous! I've been to London 3x and the Royal Family is always in Wales or Scotland when I've been there! so excited for you!! Where are you off to next?

  2. we actually just got there at 6am...i was really surprised we were able to get to so close! next we go to germany and then AUSTRIA!!! then switzerland! i'm so so so excited!!

  3. Please hug Switzy & Deutschland for me...and tell Austria I'll be there soon!!