Thursday, April 28, 2011

the dragon snorer

This post is not about anything that has to do with Europe, or how beautful Ireland was, or about how excited I am to go watch the royal wedding tomorrow while in London or about how my dream of going to Salzburg is coming true in two weeks. But, it is about a 30 year old man. (that age is only an estimate) And not just any 30 year old man, but an American from Florida. You might be wondering why on earth out of all the things that I am experiencing right now that I would want to tell you about some random American guy. Well, I am going to share. While in Galway, Ireland two of our roomates were these American guys. They were nice and besides introductions and sharing how we all got to Galway there was not much conversation. The second night they were in our room there were also four other twenty year old something French speaking girls to fill our 8 person room. At about 4 o clock in the morning we were all woken up to a very loud and very consistent snore. All of the girls were murmuring and had phones out checking the time. The only two people sleeping were the American guys. After listening to this extremely loud snoring and attempting fall back asleep we were all wide awake again when mr. florida decided to chime in with his snoring too. Although it did not sound like snoring. Me and Fran were convinced that there was either a lion in the bed across from us or a fire breathing dragon. No joke. I really wish that I could describe exactly the noise, but I can't. All I can say is that if you can imagine a dragon making a really loud noise that is what it sounded like. All of us girls were laying in our beds giggling while our roomates continued in their slumber. Between the consistent loud snoring and the dragon roaring falling asleep was very difficult.
Those of you who know me well know that it does not take much to make me laugh. So combining the fact that it was 4 am and there was a man that sounded like a dragon in his sleep in the bunk across from me gave me quite a good laugh, most of which I attempted to muffle in my pillow. So I know this isn't a profound post about how absolutely beautiful Ireland was it's all I have after a long day of switching countries and waking up at 4am to catch a plane. But I will update you soon!

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  1. this made me laugh.
    I can just picture you trying not to laugh . . . which of course is probably even worse!