Friday, March 25, 2011

nice is nice (pun intended)

After Marseille we took off for Nice, France! The train ride was amazing! We went along the Mediterranean past cliffs and beautiful homes for two hours. As we got closer to Nice we were riding right next to the ocean! It was really rainy and windy outside so it looked like the waves were going to come right over the tracks! Our hostel was AMAZING! It was away from the city with a great view of the ocean right from our room! They even provided a shuttle to get all the way up the hill to the hostel! It rained most of the time while we were in Nice but we took advantage of the sunny days! We spend a lot of time walking along the beach. One day we took a day trip into Eze Village which is this little village on top of a hill that looks like it came right out of the Medieval ages...well it kinda did! After going through the windy cobble stone streets that no car could fit in we made it to the top where there was a cactus garden. I wasn't so much interested in the cacti but more the breathtaking view!  I can't even begin to describe it let alone wrap my mind around it! Then we hopped on the bus and took of for another country - Monaco! It is about the size of a large city and rumor has it that you have to have one million bucks in the bank to live there. Everything was beautiful! And it was warm and sunny :) We walked into the famous Monte Carlo casino but felt a little out of place after walking past several Ferraris and other fancy cars in our jeans and walking into the same building where old rich men where gambling millions of dollars. Crazy! But we made sure to use the fancy bathrooms before taking off. Then we walked past these huge yachts that were from all over the world on our way to see the palace. It was a really cool place! The next day it rained...all day. So we ventured out with our umbrellas so walk arould Old Nice. It was really cool and had lots of tall buildings that were very colorful had shudders, very French, and even laundry hanging in between streets! We were soaked and decided to head back to the hostel to hang out. We met a lot of cool people there! It rained again the next day so we went to a few free museums and walked around a monastery. The next day we took another day trip into the city of Antibes with our new friend Brittany. The city was really small and cute. I liked it a lot! We walked along the water and hung out by the boats. There were groups of teenagers hanging out too so I guess it was the cool thing to do! Our original plan was to only spend 4 nights in Nice but we ended up extending our stay to six nights. It was a very relaxing week, even with all the rain. The hostel was great and we made a lot of friends which made up for the rain!


  1. Did you stay in the hostel I recommended? And OMG I LOVE EZE!!!!