Monday, March 7, 2011


Our train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen was awesome! Not only were we going through some really great countryside but all of sudden they announce that we will soon be boarding the ferry. We both looked looked at each other like 'what?!' because we had no idea! What a cool surprise! The train just followed the tracks right onto the giant ferry! We walked around all the shops and dining areas and I felt like I was on a cruise ship. Even though I've never been on one, but I'm assuming it was very similar to this. When we arrived in Denmark we found our way to the hostel and were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. Fran was really sick during our first full day in Copenhagen so we hung out in our jail cell of a hostel. Our room consisted of a pair of triple bunked beds two feet from each other and a broken TV. I ventured out a few times to get medicine for Fran and food. I was really nervous that I would get the wrong kind of medicine, seeing as there is kind of a language barrier thing going on, but I got the right kind! And it didn't kill Fran, phew. But I did have to ask one of the workers at the hostel to translate the Danish so that we didn't overdose Fran with her Danish meds. And if the medicine that I bought wouldn't have worked we had a very nice roommate (Ki-yung) who was more than happy to try and help. The first night we were there she offered Francesca a pill. We weren't really sure what she was saying at first through her very thick Asian accent, but she just kept saying 'I can give you a pill.' This is going to sound very bad, and I apologize in advance, but I thought that it was just the funniest thing ever and had to stuff my face in my pillow and pretend to cough in order to hide my laughter. Here was poor Francesca, practically on her death bed just trying to fall asleep and our new friend from South Korea kept trying to get her to take a pill. And it had been a long day. Ok, so maybe I was the only one who thought it was funny but whatevs...typical. And then the next day before she took off for the city, Ki-yung left us with our own little package of pills and instructed us to take them. I think they were just Vitamin C tablets though. We did not eat them, but I did keep them as a memento.

When Fran was feeling a little better the third day we ventured through the streets of Copenhagen. It was very cold...and windy. But we stuck it out. It reminded me a lot of Maastricht. We decided that although it was a very nice city, it is probably wonderful in the summertime because there are a lot of gardens and fountains and places to walk along the water. I didn't know this until I looked up the top ten things to do while in Copenhagen, but there is a statue of the little mermaid, although not the typical red flowy hair purple shell Ariel version that Disney has provided. It is based off of the original story by Hans Christian Andersen who grew up in Denmark. It was pretty cool, although not as big as expected. Next we went to the Round Tower. I'll skip the history lesson but pretty much it is a really really old observatory with a spectacular view of the city. The climb up is a spiral, but not stairs. It reminded me of a giant spiral slide made out of cobblestone...if you can imagine that. So ya, that was pretty cool. When we returned to our hostel we met a really cool girl from Canada and she sometimes mumbled to herself in French. It was very interesting.

So I'm racking my brain on what else to say about Denmark....ah yes! Ok, so, if you're into that whole tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, well dressed, cute little accent kinda thing, a Danish man is for you. That's all I'm going to say and on that note I will end my post about Copenhagen.

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