Monday, January 24, 2011

six days

6 days! 6 days! Ah! Adventure starts so soon! Taking off from Detroit next Sunday and landing in Brussels, Belgium on Monday morning :) This time next week I will probably be getting ready to go to the Netherlands! I'm so excited! Last night me and Fran got together, at our usual spot, to discuss packing... although we ended up talking about all the places we want to go and everything we want to do, which is much more exciting than a packing list. We have plans to hit the UK first, with a return trip for the royal wedding of course, explore Stockholm, and my personal favorite - spend an entire day in the hills while in Austria. And those are just a few of the place that we talked about! Well, all this dreaming will become reality within the next few weeks! A bientot!

1 comment:

  1. well, this time next week is finally here!
    bon voyage, babe.
    let us know when you land.
    missing you already.